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Four Reasons Leaders Quit and Ministries Underperform


Out of Position

Unprotected anointing, under achieving the vision, with a lack of intimacy with God and family, and no clarity how to leave a legacy.

Needless Crisis

Many do not face the facts and avoid them at great cost. Major ministry mistakes are made and major opportunities missed.

Do Not Lead

Most do not properly disciple by coaching, teaching, training and mentoring those God has entrusted to them.

Poor Retention

Most churches retain less than 15% of those people God sends thereby losing God’s provision of sufficient leaders and financial resources.

Maximize Your Leadership


Maximum CEO

The Maximum CEO Online Course features 54 sequential lessons designed to maximize your leadership through our proven Scriptural leadership system. Each module is a densely-packed 20+/- minutes. Discover how to lead your team to carry out your God-given vision and create a succession plan, ensuring your organization is not solely dependent on you.

Non-profit Investment

Only $1,125

Discipler CEO

Advanced Discipleship in Maximum CEO system! The Discipler CEO Online Course features 15 sequential lessons that will teach leaders how to increase performance levels, deal with problems, role-play interpersonal scenarios, and much more.

Please note: Recommended for purchase after completion and implementation of Maximum CEO.

Non-profit Investment

Only $250

Ultimate CEO

The Ultimate CEO Online Course features lessons that will release the ultimate freedom: intimacy with God and family. Each module is densely packed with information and knowledge to help you function in a chairman role which, ultimately, will allow you to leave a lasting and impactful legacy. Please note: Recommended for purchase after Discipler CEO.

Non-profit Investment

Only $250

Planner CEO

The Planner CEO Online Course provides in-depth training on God's scriptural planning system. This in-depth course will guide you in charting and staying the course. Every module in this course is carefully crafted to ensure you and your team understand that you were created in God's image to build, engage, expand, multiply, create, and innovate.

Non-profit Investment

Only $875

Maximum CEO Implementation Accelerator

Coaching for Teams

Customized Maximum CEO implementation coaching for you and your team guided by our Director of Training, Doug Bartsch.



Personalized Maximum CEO implementation coaching to accelerate results with our Director of Training, Doug Bartsch.


"It was recommended I call Dr. Radtke with the question my wife and I had. 'Could we continue to pastor our church and do all the rest God is calling us to do?' 'Yes of course,' was his answer, 'If you learn and implement God’s system with passion and zeal- you can do all God’s mandates!' Today We are leading the church, writing books, producing movies, and hosting media programs." ~ Pastors Lucas & Krissy Miles

“This system has impacted me and my role and has enlarged our capability to achieve my vision and not limit GOD. We went from 40 million dollars in revenue to 63 million dollars in just a little over two years! I attribute a huge amount of that to Dr. Radtke and his ministry system... I highly recommend you get all his material.” ~ Andrew Wommack, Chairman AWMI/CBC

"Dr. Radtke and the Ministry Institute have benefitted our organization in many ways. We are no longer the “lonely leaders” wandering through the desert of ministry wondering how we will complete the mandates God has given us. As we began the mindset shift of what it means to be a “Maximum CEO,” everything in our ministry, businesses and personal lives changed. The Maximum CEO program, if implemented with commitment and fervor, will change the way you do ministry, and put you on a course to fulfilling all that God has called you to do. I highly recommend it!"

How Does It Work?


1. Watch the Sample Lesson

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2. Purchase Maximum CEO

Non-profit Investment

only $1,125

3. Implement and Win

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It's Hard Enough to Lead a Ministry


Leading a ministry is hard. You need to hear God, write and deliver messages, lead a team, reach the community, raise finances, design ministries, manage facilities, and so much more. Very few pastors and leaders understand how to effectively structure an organization for growth and impact. That’s why so many organizations stagnate and leaders sink into the despair and the aching void of underachievement.

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Did you know that the primary reason most organizations do not see significant growth is because leaders refuse to face current reality? What current reality do you need to face to begin to see growth? Click the link below to get your free sample lesson.