"It Made A Profound Difference."

We went from a command-and-control organization to a TEAM ministry. In just over two years [our ministry] increased by 50% and I attribute a huge amount of that to this teaching.

Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack Ministries International


Paul Milligan, CEO
Corporate Entrepreneur, TX

“I have spent the last four decades building corporations with sales in excess of 100 million each. Recently I purchased your CEO library of Executive Resources. I am amazed at the quality of materials you have, made available. So many things that I learned on my journey have made available. So many things that I learned on my journey to building our companies you have so concisely articulated and so much more that I had not learned and wished I had. I want to help get this to as many as I can. This is God’s system. Everyone should have this system. You would not want to attempt to lead anything without this scriptural system.”

Andrew Wommack

Chairman AWMI/CBC

“This system has impacted me and my role and has enlarged our capability to achieve my vision and not limit GOD. We went from 40 million dollars in revenue to 63 million dollars in just a little over two years! I attribute a huge amount of that to Dr. Radtke and his ministry system... I highly recommend you get all his material.”

Pastors Lucas & Krissy Milles

" It was recommended I call Dr. Radtke with the question my wife and I had. 'Could we continue to pastor our church and do all the rest God is calling us to do?' 'Yes of course,' was his answer, 'If you learn and implement God’s system with passion and zeal- you can do all God’s mandates!' Today We are leading the Church, writing books, producing movies, hosting media programs."

LT. Phillip Stephens US. Navy Chaplin

Norfolk, VA

“ We are so excited! We have been thanking God for blessing us and answering our prayer, this material has really changed what we are going to be able to do here in Norfolk and beyond. What you said about Jesus training his disciples really resonated with me. “

PS Danny Dilgard Lifesaver Church

Kansas City, Kansas

" I went to my first Maximum CEO workshop the day before we started our church, I used the principles and precepts I learned at the very beginning with just 5 people. We behaved big when we were small and today, we have over 100 people and our brand-new building we built is debt free! "

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